The ARSANG Group is comprised of 20 years of combined experience within various sectors of the maritime industry including Chartering, Vessel Operator, Port Captain, Seafarer, and Ship Broker.

ARSANG knows that our customers rely on us to be their eyes and ears during their vessel port call and help them be as efficient as possible and avoid unnecessary delays in order to increase production and profitability. Because of this, our goal is to make sure that our staff is the best trained staff in the business and that they have all the tools they need to make sure that our customers needs are met and exceeded.

Tanker Transport (Petroleum, Chemical and LPG Transport) division operates very large crude carriers (VLCCs) and Aframax tankers that transport crude oil and dirty products; product tankers that carry clean petroleum products; chemical tankers that transport chemical and other liquid products; and LPG tankers that carry LPG and ammonia. The division provides transport service for major petroleum companies, petrochemical companies, and energy companies around the world.

Our clients can expect that we provide first class services for each and every vessel handled by us.