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Port of Fujairah is the only multi-purpose port on the Eastern seaboard of the United Arab Emirates, approximately 70 nautical miles from the Straits of Hormuz. Initial Construction of the Port started in 1978 as part of the economic development of the UAE. Full operations commenced in 1983. Since then the Port has embarked on a continuing process of enhancement to both its facilities and its comprehensive range of functions.

The port has the following facilities:

  • Drafts of 15 meters(PD)
  • 1.4 kilometer long main quay
  • 2 Bulk Loaders for aggregate export:

Berth Lengths: 600 meters

Draft: 15 meters (PD)

First Bulk loader is capable of loading 2000 tons per hour and second loader is capable of loading 4000 tons per hour

  • Southern Breakwater berths:

840 meters of general cargo berths

Draft of 15 meters

A Travel Lift facility and Berth available for the lifting of supply and associated vessels for maintenance and repair

Common user sites for vessel repair.

  • Northern Breakwater berths:

Oil Terminal 1 (OT1):

  • Commissioned on Jan. 2006
  • Lengths: 840 meters
  • of Berths: 3
  • Draft: 15 meters (PD).
  • Through-put capacity: 15 million ton/year.
  • Tankers up to: DWT 110,000 tons.
  • of loading Arms: 8 x 16 inch MLA.

Oil Terminal 2 (OT2):

  • Commissioning on June 2010
  • Lengths: 1,500 meter
  • of Berths: 4
  • Draft: 18 meters (PD)
  • Through-put capacity: 25 million ton/year
  • Tankers up to: DWT 180,000 loaded & VLCC loaded of loading Arms (32) each berth has:

16 inch MLA.

12 inch MLA.

The Port alliance with DP World as the concessionaires for container cargo has also strengthened its position amongst the global network of container ports.


Strategic Position

The Port of Fujairah with its strategic location on the UAE East coast, at the crossroads of shipping lines between East and West is one of the Emirate vital facilities. It offers an important hub for their activities towards the markets of the Indian sub-continent and East of Africa.

The Emirate of Fujairah enjoys excellent road connections with U.A.E and adjoining countries.

The excellent road network is being further improved with new roads that will reduce travel time to the neighboring emirates and beyond:

Emirate Distant
Abu Dhabi 300 KM
Dubai 130 KM
Sharjah 110 KM
Ras Al Khaima 110 KM
Ajman 120 KM
Um Al Qaiwain 120 KM
Al Ain 200 KM


Key business Activities

The Port has a very long experience as a Port and Terminal Operator handling all types of business activities of a Port Operator. The port offers comprehensive facilities for a wide range of requirements such as general and bulk cargo including Oil

The range of services provided by Port of Fujairah includes:

  • General Cargo including Project Cargoes
  • Bulk Cargo including aggregate exports
  • Wet Bulk Cargo including Fuel, Oil, etc.. for Bunkering and Trading
  • Port facilities for small supply craft users and agents
  • Container activity (provided by Dubai Ports under a concession agreement with the Port)
  • Other Port Services