The Port of SOHAR, located north of Muscat had a booming growth since its opening in 2002. It is composed of three main sectors: one for petroleum, one for industrial cargoes and steel and one for general cargo and containers. The port is complimented by a free zone for industrial development. The port is situated in the Barka region, which is the main logistics hub. All containerized services previously handled by Muscat port have now been transferred to Sohar port. Muscat has now became a port for cruise ships, while 90% of domestic cargo is imported via Sohar port. The port is mainly handling bulk cargo, steel, cement and liquids on a special terminal for a Brazilian company. It is also strategically located to open to new business with Iran. Construction works of a food terminal, a railway and silos are on-going. The port will be connected to the GCC railway network, and the connection with AbuDhabi will be complete by 2018-19.

The container terminal is operational and currently handling 11.000 TEUs a year, with 11 shipping lines calling on a weekly basis and the capacity to receive large container ships. The port is also going through a huge construction for other business and large investments both from the Oman Government, as well as the private sector. Between 4 to5 hectares of space is available at the free zone. A sugar refinery plant in under construction, together with silos for flour mills, which will be available within 16 to 18 months. Finally, warehouses and maritime services from husbandry services to bunkers are also available

Specific Berth Information OOT Steinweg OICT Sohar Alum L&T
Cargo Type Liquid Bulk General Containers Liquid/Solid _
Berth Number/Name Jetty C1,A, AA1-2 4,5,6 7,8 9 Harmool 1-2
Depth 16,0 m 16,0 m 16,0 m 16 m 10 m
Length C1-268 m
A- m
AA- 550m 262
700 m 500 m 301 m 300
Bollard Type T- Head T- Head T- Head T- Head T- Head
Bollard Distance C1- 29m
25 m 25 m 21.6 Rear-10
Bollard SWL C1-30T
100T 100T 120T Rear-125
Nature of Seabed Coarse Sand Coarse Sand Coarse Sand Coarse Sand Coarse Sand
Tidal Difference LAT-HAT 3.4 m 3.4 m 3.4 m 3.4 m 3.4 m
Berth Restrictions
Length Max/Min C1-268/61
A- 260/60
AA2- 220/96
Width (Max) C1- 43 m
A- 38 m
AA 1/2- 35 m
DWT Max/Min C1-107,000/1,000
Transverse Approach Speed 0.15 m/sec
Berthing Angle C1/A – 6 deg
AA1- 10 deg
AA2- 10 deg