About us

Our values are reflected in Group policies. Complying with Group policies, we ensure the safety of lives, environmental protection and the safety of vessels and cargoes. Company procedures comply with international industry requirements ensuring good and safe operations. All aspects of our business are conducted with honesty and integrity.


We offer maritime transportation and will always seek to find a cost efficient and safe solution to any request you may have. We do not limit ourselves to tonnage controlled by the ARSANG SAFE TRADING Co but will also actively investigate other relevant options for your request.


Our aim in chartering is to bring opposing sides together and strike a deal of mutual benefit and satisfaction for each party. With our global network of ship-owners, charterers and brokers we can always find a suitable cargo for your ship or ship for your requirements, either on voyage or time charter. Our ‘hands on’ experience and knowledge of the worldwide freight market, is available at any time.


  • Be committed to our core values and ideas giving the confidence to take rewarding risks under uncertainty.
  • Support and respect new ideas, our customers, colleagues and owner. This is only possible if you are committed to and trust your colleagues so that everybody can contribute positively


  • Respect your colleagues and clients by delivering in time and give reliable feedback and support.
  • Gain the customers trust and respect by delivering above their expectations.
  • Respect differences in culture and personalities.


  • Be ahead! Create opportunities.
  • Take opportunities and think options.
  • Act before a solution becomes a problem or even better turn it into an opportunity.
  • Rating Value by daring to be Different
  • Dare to think differently in order to find new, smarter and better solutions in everything we do.
  • Look for opportunities and identify new niches early and develop their potential by offering good and innovative solutions.
  • Be prepared to take unexpected but potentially rewarding risks based on our knowledge and expertise.