For chemical discharge at port Cochin vessels are be berthing at SOUTH COAL BERTH.

Find below restrictions.


Scb Jetty Restrictions:

Max 170
Beam restriction none
Min pbl none
Freeboard none
Max permissible draft 9.14m
Max dwt (mt) 15000
Max displacement (mt) 22000
Density 1.005-1.020
Navigation hours 24hours (as per confirmation)
Max/min air draft of manifold none
Restriction of distance from bow/ Stern to manifold none
Pilot boarding ground lat 0957.79n Long 07608.39e
Contact channel 14/13/16 (please confirm exact Boarding ground on this channel)
Mooring configuration f & a: 3+3+2(in case vessel has Wires kindly advise in advance)


Average discharge rate: 200 per hr / line.